Educational Planners Comparative Analysis of Quality Teaching in Universities in Lagos State, Nigeria


  • GBESOEVI Department of Educational Management, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria
  • JINADU Department of Educational Management, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria
  • KOSHOEDO Department of Educational Management, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria
  • GBENU Department of Educational Management, Lagos State University, Lagos, Nigeria


Evaluation, Quality, Teaching, Universities in Lagos State


This study examined the disparities in teaching quality at universities in Lagos State, Nigeria. With the use of a descriptive survey research methodology, one null hypothesis led this investigation. All 400 students from the seven institutions in Lagos State were included in this study's population (public and private). From among the five universities in Lagos State, one federal, one state, and one private university was chosen for the study. Using a multi-stage sampling technique (simple random, purposive, and disproportionate stratified sampling technique), 640 respondents were drawn from the three sample universities. Meanwhile, Quality Teaching Questionnaire (QTQ) was used to extract the required information from the respondents. To validate the instrument used for the study, a test retest method was employed through face and content approach. The instrument was determined to be reliable with a coefficient of 0.78. The data that was gathered was analysed using Analysis of Variance. The significance level for the hypotheses was set at 0.05. A significant difference in teaching quality was found across the institutions in Lagos State, according to the tested hypothesis (F (2, 584) = 5.0828, p.05). The study findings indicated variations in teaching standards among federal, state, and private universities in Lagos State. It was demonstrated that the utilization of various indicators of quality teaching, as presented in the research instrument, could lead to the anticipation and attainment of quality teaching in institutions. As a result, this study proposes several recommendations, including the establishment of a dedicated quality teaching unit or department within each institution by university administration, the National Universities Commission, and the Federal and State Ministries of Education. This would ensure the effective implementation of quality teaching practices.


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