Aims and objectives

Journal of Education & Humanities Research (JEHR) is a dynamic and collaborating knowledge sharing platform between the researchers in the field of Education, and Social Sciences. it provides an opportunity to national and internal researchers to share their works and thoughts Which could contribute to promote the pace of development in Education, Social sciences research. I JEHR is committed to encourage empirical, theoretical and methodological research work  which can contribute to the advancement of research studies in the field of Education.

Aim and Objectives

The aim of the Journal is to publish and disseminate genuine research work. and for the pursuit of its aim the following objectives are set:

• To provide an active platform for researchers to share the outcomes of their research with the global community.

• To promote the development of education, particularly in developing countries.

• To become one of the leading open access international journal in the field of Education and Social sciences.

• To achieve excellence and maintain the uppermost ethical standards in publishing the original research.

• To provide swift publication in a variety of formats like original research, editorials, review articles, viewpoints and book reviews.