Relationship between Environment and Organizational Structure: An Analytical Case Study of Allied Schools


  • Muhammad Waqas National Educational Network Pvt. Limited & Punjab Group of College (PGC)s
  • Ajmal Waheed Faculty of Management Sciences, Foundation University, Islamabad


Task Environment


The study is an evaluation of relationship in between organization’s task environment and its structure. The task environment tends to affect organizational structure and business strategies in multiple ways, however, the relationship is not constant and the magnitude may differ from case to case. To understand the dynamics of relationship, Mintzberg Model has been applied. This is qualitative research based on case study approach that provides a comprehensive analysis of Organizational Structure of  Allied Schools in relationship to its task environment. All dimensions of environment, decision- making roles, key parts, coordinating mechanism, power and authorities, have been thoroughly discussed in context of Allied Schools. For data collection, only executives of higher echelon were engaged in discussions. The hypothesis testing provides mix trend in estimates of (Mis) Fit in between environment and structure  of Allied Schools. The findings of the case study predict that decision making regarding Organizations Structure is not entirely dependent on its environment. There are other factors that make difference and it requires further probe and investigation.

Key words: Organizational Structure, Task Environment, Coordinating mechanisms.

Author Biography

Muhammad Waqas, National Educational Network Pvt. Limited & Punjab Group of College (PGC)s

Muhammad Waqas Is dynamic Professional and Executive of Higher Echelon, equipped with diverse experience and proven track record of Business management, Operations handling, Franchising and Outsourcing, Arbitration and conflict management, Sales and Marketing, Strategic Decision Making, Integrated Facilities Management, Supply Chain and Market Integration, Organization Restructuring and Financial Management, Traning and Development. Work Design and Work Load Management, Policy making and  advocacy. Community mobilization and Outreach, Building Networks and business Expansion Strategy, Curriculum Development and building inclusive learning environment, Litigation and Corporate Governance, which have been earned while serving multiple well reputed public/private, National and MultiNational organizations, corporations and Higher Education Institutes. 
He is currently serving National Educational Network Private Limited which is Pakistan's Largest Educational Network of Schools, Colleges and Universities as Regional Head North for the Projects, Punjab Group of Colleges, Allied and EFA schools. He carries strong educational back drop of  Management Sciences, Public Administration, Governance and Public Policy and graduated from well Reputed Public Sector Universities located in Islamabad.

Alongside, professional expertise, he also carries,  Teaching and Acdemic Research experience and also well versed with all relevant indicators which are being used and trending in  Higher Education Institutes. He is actively pursuing Key areas of research including Organization Restructuring, Sustainable and Green HRM, Organizational Reputation and Re-imaging, Post Covid Challenges and Work Life Balance, Sustainable Policy Framework, Sustainable Tourism, Sustainable Development Goals, Social Policy, Cultural difference and Language Policy. Corporate Governance, School Education, Curriculum Development and use of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and STEM Education Techniques.  


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