Challenges Professors/Lecturers Face in Public Sector Universities of Balochistan, Pakistan


  • Nosheen Kanwal University of Loralai
  • Mohabat Khan University of Loralai
  • Ajaz Shaheen Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Lasbela University of Agriculture, Water and Marine Sciences (LUAWMS)


Challenges, Professors, Lecturers, Public Sector, Universities


This study focuses on the challenged professors/lecturers face in public sector universities of Balochistan. The main objectives of the study were to identify the main challenges and factors influencing on the performance of the professors. The nature of the study was quantitative and its population was 09 public sector universities. Simple random technique was adopted for sampling and therefore, 04 universities were selected for the study. Total sample size comprised on 105 professors and lecturers. A questionnaire was designed as a research instrument. The required data was collected through google. The obtained data was analyzed through SPSS. Main findings of the study were medium of instruction, workload, unconducive working environment, differences in lifestyle, stress, medical facilities, lack of recreational opportunities, absence of standard schools and proper accommodation. Few recommendations were suggested.




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Kanwal, N. ., Khan, M. ., & Shaheen, A. (2022). Challenges Professors/Lecturers Face in Public Sector Universities of Balochistan, Pakistan. JEHR Journal of Education And Humanities Research, University of Balochistan, 13(1), 43–57. Retrieved from