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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017): البرز

براہوئی خلقی شاعری نا شونداری ٹی ریڈیو نا کڑد: The Role of Radio in the Promotion of Brahui folk lore

January 7, 2021


The Role of this title is the role of radio in the development of Brahui folk songs. At all times, the Agricultural Dialogue of Literature has developed. Brahui folk song is an important place in literature due to its position. Its sincere position represents its feelings and emotions. Folk songs appear in nature. These folk songs indicate emotions, feelings, love. These emotions have been a role in radio in people's access to people. Radio folk songs have access to ordinary people in the main role of radio. And those who were far away from those songs. They are also using the radio. And the radio they're talking about. The people who have been given access to the common people. That is why. That kind of folk songs have been stirred up to the far-door areas through the radio. Balochistan is the area where yet the basic facilities are not available to ordinary people. Radio access is a major access to the right there. And these agricultural issues are spreading even more literary skills in modern times. That is why access key folk songs can be accessible to ordinary people, due to which I have to play a role in radio


  1. براہوئی ، ذوق ، دیر دیر کیوہ کنے دیر ایتے، ۲۰۱۳ ؁ء براہوئی اکیڈ می (رجسٹرڈ) کوئٹہ ۔
  2. مینگل ، افضل ، شوشنگ ، ۱۹۹۶؁ء ، براہوئی اکیڈمی (رجسٹرڈ) کوئٹہ۔
  3. مینگل ، افضل ، شیشلو،۲۰۰۵؁ء براہوئی اکیڈمی (رجسٹرڈ) کوئٹہ۔
  4. مینگل ، افضل ، منگلی ، ۲۰۰۰؁ء ۔ براہوئی اکیڈمی (رجسٹرڈ) کوئٹہ۔