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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017): البرز

خضدار نا جدید منظوم ادب: History of Modern Poetry in Khuzdar

January 2, 2021


The following article deals with poetry created by the poets of Khuzdar. Depicts well the inner thoughts, emotions and the tendency of literature in and around Khuzdar. No doubt that the folk poetry of Khuzdar creates a real picture, the people have lived or even still living a life which is partially nomadic and partially settled. The modern poetry engaged all formats of literature by focusing the miseries of people, temptation of the majority interaction and inter sympathetic behavior. The poets of Khuzdar are fully equpited today with the modern tendency of literature. The method promoting the literature and the ways to keep the people in touched with a literary taste. The following lines can rectify well the authenticity of these facts about poets of Khuzdar and literature of Khuzdar.


  1. (۱)احساس طا ہرہ،2004 براہوئی اکیڈ می ر جسٹر ڈ کو ئٹہ۔
  2. (۲)اختر جا وید ،2004براہوئی اکیڈ می
  3. (۳)برا ھوی ذوق،2014 مڑ دا تا ڈا غا ر جہلا وا ن برا ہوئی اکیڈ می ، ر جسٹر پا کستان
  4. (۴) برا ھوی ذوق ،2016 جھا لا ون نا صوفی بزر گاک۔
  5. (۵)صدف حمیرا ،2007 برا ہوئی اکیڈمی ر جسٹر ڈ کو ئٹہ
  6. (۶)ضیا ء عا رف ،2007 نیو کا لج پبلشر آ ر چر رو ڈ کو ئٹہ
  7. (۷)عا لم محمد ،2001 بر ا ہوئی اکیڈ می
  8. (۸)مینگل و احد،2015 برا ہوئی اکیڈمی ر جسٹرڈ کو ئٹہ پاکستا ن
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