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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017): البرز

براہوئی قدیم ادب ٹی توار مٹی نا ویلاک: Complications of Code switching in Brahui old literature

January 7, 2021


The purpose of writing this title is the ancient literature which is written in the letter. The text is written in the form of text. It is important to identify problems in it. The issues that have been created in this literature from this type of paper. To show them The words change the characters, difficulties in removing words, and trying to identify readers who have experienced difficulties. Please note that literature is a great deal. Which are a separate discussion. Similarly, there is an obstacle in the development of ancient literature. These words have led to the change of audio. In the words the characters used to have been used as a vocalist. The reason for which the word has been made. To indicate it The words of words in the word do not change the words of words or how words are words or abbreviations of words or abusive words. In terms of words or abundance words have been changed in terms of words. Displaying those who do not know the characters in reading. Many words have been removed in the words of extravagance in many words. To identify them, these are the problems that the title has been liked.


  1. (۱)دینپوری ، م ، عمر، ملا ارا نا ، ۱۹۲۹؁ء مکتبہ درخانی ڈھاڈر۔
  2. (۲)چوتوئی ، م ،ع ، مجید، شہد وشفاء ،۱۹۰۹؁ء مکتبہ درخانی ڈھاڈر۔
  3. (۳)آزاد، م، ع، عزیز، معدن در، ۱۹۸۹؁ء کتبہ عبدالحلیم خوش نویس بلوچستانی ۔
  4. (۴)چوتوئی ، م ،ع ، مجید، تحفۃ الخلیل ،۱۹۴۸؁ء مکتبہ درخانی ڈھاڈر۔
  5. (۵)چوتوئی ، م ،ع ، مجید، غیرت السلام ،۱۹۴۰؁ء مکتبہ درخانی ڈھاڈر۔

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