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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017): البرز

براہوئی راج ٹی دستار نا اہمیت او گڑاس دُو سُبکی نا دُودآک: Importance of Dastaar and a few supportive customs in Brahui Society

January 3, 2021


Main objective of this article is to highlight the merits of some Brahui Customs and their impact on the society. Apart from that we also try to thresh out the importance of the customs for the society and how they keep intact with Rules & Regulations in shape of tradition without any written documentation or legislation. It reveals from the history that all such customs were implemented verbally by the stake holders strictly. In short we have also discussed some of the Brahui Customs that, how much importance and impact they have upon culture. For example, most of the people use to wear turbans, assuming that they wear this traditionally or for some other purpose? Similarly, it was mandatory to serve tea and Hubble Bubble (Tobacco "Chan-o-Chulum) when guest used to come and guest was mainly responsible to elaborate about his arrival journey and about the climate, which is traditionally called "Hall o Hawall" No doubt that Hall-o-awall was the main source of communication and core information at that time which were totally based on truthiness, trust and reality. Furthermore, another custom which is based on humanitarian ground which called "Bejjar " in which a person will traditionally demand some help in shape of exchequer, animals or any other sources from their relatives and friends to make necessary arrangements for his or his son or brother's marriage. In this way some body will be able to meet the expenses of marriage with the help of their friends. In addition, due to multi-dimensional merits/benefits, the customs were treated as manifesto of Brahui Culture so Brahui public strictly followed such norm with letter & sprit. If we briefly review the Brahui Culture and people, they may seem very innocent & sincere and mostly lived in rural and undeveloped areas. Their living style was very simple but their vision and commitment towards traditional norms were solid & strong. Especially respect of women, guests, brotherhood and for those who knocked at their door in time of need and shelter. Traditionally Brahui Culturist were always ready to sacrifice their lives for the protection of those who did ask them for. Due to such solid & committed customs, image of Brahui’s was highly appreciable and such code of life made them respectable & honorable in the society. All in all, the main motive was to expose these customs to bring awareness to the general public and open a clue for researchers who are interested to research on the merits of Brahui Culture and their way of life.


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