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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2016): البرز

نصیر، نادر او بابو نا علامتی شاعری : Symbolic poetry of Naseer, Nadir and Babo

February 27, 2021


Symbolism has been part of Brahui poetry and other languages from ancient. The impact, value and utilization of symbolism has enhanced with passage of time. In this regard if we evaluate the poetry of Brahui poets i.e. Meer Gul Khan Naseer, Nadir Qambarani and Babu Abdul Rehman kurd, we find that they have used symbolism in their poetry regarding their passionately love, respect and relation with their motherland as well as pursuit of justice and ethical values. The impact, value and beauty of poetry rely on use of symbolism which foretell as about future and coming age. Poetry that incorporates Symbolism never becomes obsolete or insignificant; rather, owing to fascinating subject and visionary thinking such poetry becomes classical. This topic is an Endeavour to look into the essence and disposition of symbolism in poetry; a comparison of thoughts of three contemporary poets, and a discussion about the demands of symbolism in modern poetry. It is also an attempt to tell that use of symbolism in poetry not only rejuvenates the thoughts of poets but also makes it impressive.