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Vol. 3 No. 1 (2011): البرز

ادبی ادارہ غاتا بنا او کسرشونی : Evolution and Responsibilities of Brahui Literary Organizations

March 2, 2021


In this article the role of literary organization has been discussed, it further illustrates the three dimensional affiliation of society, literature and organizations. How they important for each other? Literary circles in shape of non-profiting organization have essential function for national integration to make peace and harmony in any country. In this article the support of government has criticized. The main subject of this article is too discussed and discloses the responsibilities of Brahui literary organization which are more than twenty. Despite of above the department of Brahui, Radio Pakistan Quetta center and Television, they projected and promote the Brahui literature. It concludes with recommendations that interior Balochistan the bulk of organization spreading very low scale of literature which is caused to reduce the standard. The comparative method has been implemented to complete this article.


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