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Vol. 4 No. 1 (2012): البرز

براہوئی ٹی دروشینکاری اسہ پوسکنو لسانی وئیل اسے نا گھڑتی: Terminological Deficiencies; Symbol of Lingual Problems in Brahui Language

March 1, 2021


This research articles reflects basic knowledge about terminology. The word "Droshenk" in Brahui translated as terminology.  The core theme of this article is to argument, which in modern era Brahui language strictly needs to produce terminology. As one side human being becoming busy in its life on other hand new inventions are taking and changing the world's languages. Simply languages are being affected by new creations. This article has clear argument that Brahui language for its promotion and preservation has to establish such institution which helps to create new literary terminology. Expressions can be inadequate to one or more languages like multilingual terminology and bilingual terminology or may have an interdisciplinary focal point on the use of terms in different fields.