Evolution of Brahui Journalism


  • Muhammad Yousaf M.Phil Scholar Brahui
  • Liaquat Ali Sani Assistant professor, Department of Brahui University of Balochistan, Quetta




Journalism, Publication, Brahui language, launch, Magazine, Newspaper editor, editorship


This research article mirrors evolution of Brahui journalism in form of Weekly newspapers, monthly magazines, Bi-monthly reports and quarterly published literary reports. Some contributions, related to the journalism in Balochistan and Brahui journalism, have been researched, such as a brief history of Brahui journalism by AfzalMurd, ‘Contribution of Magazines & Journals for the Promotion of Brahui Language & Literature’ by Haji Abdul Lateef Bangulzai, and “Balochistan Mein Ablagh-e- Aama, Aghaz o Irtaqa” by professor Seemi Naghman Tahir. These are marked as appreciative initiatives; however, no researches have been carried out in the past to document the history and evaluation of print and electronic media in Brahui language. The comparative and analytical approach of study has been adopted in this article and has used secondary sources for conduct of this study.


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Evolution of Brahui Journalism




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