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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017): البرز

براہوئی ادب ٹی فارسی آن مٹ و بدل: عبد الخالق ابابکی نا کاریم : Abdul Khaliq Ababakki; Persian Translator in Brahui Literature

January 8, 2021


There have been effects of Persian language on Brahui language and literature like the other languages of subcontinent. Due to being state language, all kinds of orders, religious decisions and documents were written in Persian. In orders to explain these things to Brahuis, there has been need of translation from the very first day. The thoughts of a language can be transferred into the other language through translation which causes the language develop. Therefore, we can find that the old and available books of Brahui to have been translated from Persian like Tofat-ul-ajaib etc. This series continued till establishment of Pakistan, later it grew quiet lesser. However, scholars, now-a-days, are also translating curriculum books of madressas into Brahui, one of these translators is also Maulvi Abdul Khalique Ababaki who has done poetic and prosed / versified Brahui translation of about a dozens of Persian books, out of which Bagh-e-Brahui, Panth Nama, Ramuzath-e-Ishq, Manajath-e-Allama Roomi and Aadenk are very famous. The above mentioned scholar had thorough mastery over all the rules and regulations of translating. Moreover, he himself was an experienced teacher, poet and translator of Brahui and Persian language. That's why his    translation, among Persian translation, in Brahui literature, holds immense importance. Some of his translation is still unprinted which includes Waslet Nama, Wahdat Nama and Phul-e-Brahui.


  1. ابابکی ع ،خ ،م(2014) آدینک،براہوئی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ پاکستان۔
  2. ابابکی ،ع ،خ ،م(1997) باغِ براہوئی ، مکتبہ ابابکی و مدرسہ اشرفہ مستونگ بلوچستان۔
  3. ابابکی ،ع ،خ ،م(2015) پنت نامہ ،براہوئی اکیڈمی پاکستان۔
  4. ابابکی ،ع ،خ ،م(2005) رموزاتِ عشق سچل چیئر ،شاہ عبدالطیف یونیورسٹی خیرپور سندھ۔
  5. ابابکی ،ع ،خ ،م(2016) مناجات علامہ رومی ،براہوئی ادبی سوسائٹی کوئٹہ پاکستان۔
  6. ابابکی ،ع ،خ ،م(غیر مطبوعہ) سوانح عمری (خود نوشت)۔
  7. رومان،ا،پ(1990)بلوچستان کے قبائل ،مطوعات النساء زرغون روڈ کوئٹہ پاکستان۔
  8. عطار ،ش،ف(……)پند نامہ مکتبہ رشیدیہ سرکی روڈ کوئٹہ پاکستان۔
  9. غرشین ،س،ف(2016)مولوی عبدالخالق ابابکی کا تعارفاور ان کی فکری جہتیں،براہوئی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ ،پاکستان۔
  10. فاروقی،م(2016)تراجم کے مبا حث سٹی بک پوائنٹ کراچی۔
  11. لغات فارسی(……)عالمی مجلس تحفظ اسلام ،کراچی پاکستان۔

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