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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017): البرز

براہوئی ادب :چنا تا بشخ : Children’s Literature in Brahui

January 8, 2021


Literature of children is included in all the languages of the world. This main sphere of literature is an important part of Brahui literature too. Though there has been lesser work in this field here has compare to the other languages, it has been included in Brahui literature in any form or shape; even it holds special place in Brahui folk literature. Later, in Durkhani period, books were written and translated for them, keeping in view the teaching of children. However, it is a surprising matter that much work has been done on this topic, but Brahui children have no knowledge about it. Perhaps, children have a connection to folk literature and religious literature while books written for them in modern era are often lying in libraries. Moreover, 1998 and 1999 were declared as children's years in Brahui literature. Keeping the psychology and interest of Brahui children, there is a greater scope to work in this literature. A few years ago, mother tongues were included in curriculum by government. Brahui children may be able to utilize the written books for themselves in future due to this step. It is only possible when these books are brought in school libraries and children are given access to them; because most of these books and magazines holds fair fame and importance like Arman (Abdul Baqi Durkhani), Gogro (Aziz Mengal), Tallu Jan (Yaseen Bismil) and Aasan Namaz (Abdul Qadir M.Hassani) etc. Utilizing these books, definitely, will not be profitless for children.


  1. براہوئی ، ڈ،ع (1981) چاچا، براہوئی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ پاکستان
  2. براہوئی ، ڈ،ع(1979) وساہتاک، براہوئی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ پاکستان
  3. بنگلزئی ،م،ع (2006) براہوئی ادب نا لعل و جواہرک براہوئی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ پاکستان
  4. شاد، ص، م ، پ(2010) ہنین خرین، براہوئی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ پاکستان
  5. صابر، ع،ر(1989) شاہی خروار، شال پبلیشرز ایسوسی ایشن پاکستان کوئٹہ
  6. صدف ،ح،م( 2007)کا پچر ،براہوئی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ پاکستان
  7. موج ،ی(2015) دانائی، براہوئی ادبی سوسائٹی کوئٹہ
  8. مینگل ،م،ا(1986) توبے نا ٹکر، روبی پبلشرز کوئٹہ پاکستان
  9. مینگل ،م،ا(2000) گڑدولی ، براہوئی اکیڈمی کوئٹہ پاکستان
  10. یار ،ع،ج(1980)خیرات خور ،براہوئی آرٹس اکیڈمی کوئٹہ پاکستان