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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017): البرز

براہوئی ٹی اسٹیج ڈرامہ نا بنا : Beginning of Brahui Stage Drama

January 7, 2021


Purpose of this article is to discuss the beginning, development and age of Brahui stage drama. Stage is the starting point in the history of drama but it became the part of Brahui literature after the succession of radio and tele drama. Although stage in Brahui is latest but its traces could be found in folk literature of Brahui in the form of Raag which ware short acts played by the youngsters in early ages of Brahui society to entertain the gatherings at nights. History of modern drama in Brahui begins with the beginning of radio in Quetta. The first drama in Brahui was written in 1956 and published in monthly Balochi by Ghulam Nabi Rahi. And the first stage drama in Brahui was played on stage in 1978. This sequence continued for some years with a great enthusiasm the young writers of Brahui adabi society played a great role in the development of Brahui stage drama. The stage drama in Brahui are still played but very rarely. Stage drama in Brahui could not make a better position and its future seems dark too as there are not better plate forms and resources for stage in Balochistan.


  1. براہوئی ۔ع، رحمن، ٹیکی ،1976؁ء براہوئی اکیڈمی (رجسٹرڈ) کوئٹہ
  2. بیدار، ع، قیوم، براہوئی اسٹیج ڈرامہ ، 2016؁ء براہوئی ادبی سوسائٹی (رجسٹرڈ) کوئٹہ
  3. سوسن،ع،قیوم،براہوئی قدیم نثری ادب،1998؁ء براہوئی اکیڈمی (رجسٹرڈ) کوئٹہ
  4. مراد، افضل، گوتلو نا سیخا، 2002؁ء براہوئی ادبی سوسائٹی (رجسٹرڈ) کوئٹہ

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