Brahui Language, Brahuilogy and Balochistan.


  • Bahdur Khan Rodeni Director Pakistan Study center, University of Balochistan Quetta
  • Zeenat Sana Baloch Professor department of Balochi, University of Balochistan



Brahuilogy and Balochistan, Uri: Genko Vsky. sarawan, jhalawan Chagai, Noshki


Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan. It is forty-two percent of the total area of Pakistan. However, the population of Balochistan is the lowest. It is 6.5 million; Balochistan is a multi linguistic province. Many languages are spoken and written. There are important among the Brahui, Balochi and Pashto. Balochi and Brahui have many common words. Brahui is considered the oldest language spoken in Balochistan. According to famous Russian Scholar Uri: Genko Vsky, it is an old as 3000 B.C. the Brahuis came earlier then Baloch from Alburz, and settled in central Balochistan. The original Brahuis are Mirwanis, Qambranis, Gurganaris, Sumalanies, Qalandranis, Rodains and Zagar Mengales, Ahmed Zais are basically decendents of Qambranies these tribs are sons of Miro Mirwani. The other tribes who speak Brahui mengles with Brahuis and formed a confederacy. The Brahui language spoken in sarawan, jhalawan Chagai, Noshki and Kachi, some parts of Sindh and Afghanistan.

Brahui Language, Brahuilogy and Balochistan.




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