Brahui Journalism & The Literature.


  • Naseebullah Assistant Professor, department of Media and Journalism, University of Balochistan Quetta



Brahui Journalism, Brahui literary organizations, Abdul Rehman Brahui


The traces of Brahui Journalism are found in the middle age/era of Brahui literature which is described to be closely associated with the literature as the promotion of Brahui literature besides publication of different material i.e. pamphlets, booklets and books had through the journalism especially the print media that boosted literature in a way that could be done through the other conventional sources. Brahui literature and journalism took a new shape in the modern era as Brahui writers used the platform of print media particularly the magazines being published not only in Brahui but also in Sindhi, Balochi and Urdu languages, Besides individual efforts, the Tribal Publicity Organization, electronic media and the Brahui literary organizations also played pivotal role in promotion of Brahui literature have different thoughts about the eras of Brahui literature. Dr. Abdul Rehman Brahui and Noor Muhammad Parwana had spread it into four eras while Sosan Brahui and Saleh Muhammad Shad describe this into three eras. Sosan stretch out Brahui eras as i) Folk literature; ii) Ancient; and iii) Modern literature while shad ranges it as i) Ancient age; ii) middle age0 1770-1960 and iii) Modern age- 1960- to –date. (Shad: 1986) However, most of the Brahui writers have a unanimous consensus that the Brahui literature covers four eras. Through this study, the Brahui Journalism and its role in promoting the Brahui literature has been focused.

Brahui Journalism & The Literature.




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