Learning of Brahui Language in Balochistan.


  • Abdul Razzaq Sabir Professor and Directore, Balochistan Study center, University of Balochistan Quetta




Brahui a North Proto Dravidian. Talgu, Malyalam, Kanada


Brahui a North Proto Dravidian (NPD) language spoken about 2000 km far from other Sourth Dravidian languages (SPD) in South India i.e. Tamil, Talgu, Malyalam, Kanada, Gondi etc and Central Proto Dravidian (CPD) languages in the Central India i.e. Karukh and Malto by about two million people. It is spoken in the central parts of Balochistan, interior Sindh province in Pakistan and in the Sistan o Balochistan province of Iran, Helmund and Nimroz provinces of Afghanistan, Gulf States, and also there are few families have still preserved. Brahui in Mari province of Turkmenistan. In compare with the other nonliterary tribal dialects of Dravidian languages Brahui is enjoying a worth mentioning literary status in Balochistan-Pakistan. The past history of Brahui language is witnessed that it has been used only as an oral language till post-colonial period in Balochistan. There was no tradition of using Brahui as medium of instruction or in writing, although some works in Brahui had appeared before then, the Brahui literary movement started in the reign of Khan Naseer Khan in the 18th century but a standard literary movement started only after the 1950 when some newspapers including “Muhalim Quetta”, “Balochi Karachi” started publishing in Brahui besides Balochi in Pakistan. While weekly “Elum” Mastung a Brahui-Urdu newspaper was a revolutionary addition in the history of Brahui journalism and learning.

Learning of Brahui Language in Balochistan.




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