Imperialist Annexation of Balochistan


  • Saeeda Mengal Assistant Professor, Department of History, University of Balochistan, Quetta



Imperialism, Annexation, Culture, Language


History testifies that the weaker States have always served as a buffer zone among formidable confronting States. The weaker States have been exploited to fulfil the vested interests of powerful nations. This Article investigates how & why Balochistan territory was used by the colonial power to halt the advancing Russia into the heart of Sub-continent. The colonial power the British used various tactics to hold its sway in Balochistan. The colonial power adopted policy of non-interference in Balochistan. However, the circumstances compelled the great British to annex Balochistan.  Moreover, throughout this era the big power neglected the human rights of the common people. The people of Balochistan suffered hardships due to the international rivalry. Furthermore, the incapable Sardars of Balochistan served the colonial masters at the expense of common people.


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Imperialist Annexation of Balochistan




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