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Vol. 8 No. 1 (2016): البرز

Similarities in Free Verses between Ghulam Hussain Shohaz & Nadir Kambriani’s Poetry

February 27, 2021


In the literary history poem is considered as the building block of all the existing poetry. It is a well-established fact that poem is the genesis of the poetry in any language and likewise Balochi literature is no more an exception. The very initial evolutionary phases of balochi literature in states other than the poemic one. Balochi literary poems have successfully waded through all its phases of development i.e. from first to second and subsequently from second to the third one. it is worth mentioning over here that cataclysmic changes were brought up in the third phase along with the introduction of a many great new varieties, but the basic conventional methods and norms in poem writing remained unchanged. Gulam Hussain Shohaz is widely accepted as a veteran and god -gifted poet as well as a prolific writer of al times in general, and an iconic poem writing figure of the third phase in particular. as far as poem writing is concerned, his style of poem writing introduces as many as three new and unique methodologies. Furthermore, the best he owes as a poem writer are his traditional Balochi style writings. infect his unflinching efforts helped secure the poem a remarkable position in our literature. Thus it would be unfair with the history to brush aside his valuable services and not to accept him as the best classical poem writer of the third Balochi literary phase.


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