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Vol. 9 No. 1 (2017): البرز

Balochistan: News coverage in national and local newspapers (A comparative study of selected newspapers)

January 12, 2021


This paper attempts to compare three leading newspapers to cover the news contents related to Balochistan. Balochistan is largest province geographically but it is given less coverage on electronic and print media. There is undeclared war like situation in Balochistan and due to many conflicting issues the region is declared as conflict zone. The ethnic unrest and sectarian rifts have been escalated in the last few years and it is very challenging to practice journalistic activities. The issues related to Balochistan cannot be resolved until it is given proper coverage in both medium. The study aims to evaluate news contents of front pages of Daily Jang Quetta, Daily Express Quetta Century and Daily Intikhab Quetta. The front page of May 2017 is selected to be evaluate. To curtail the element of peril for journalists working in conflict zone and on the basis of findings from collected data suitable recommendations are proposed.


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